Description of the site



Ipsach, Erlenwäldli

Swiss coordinates

584 000  /  219 000


Lake Biel, southern bank, south-westernly of the Aare outlet (Nidau-Büren canal).
Community of Ipsach, Canton of Berne

Length of shoreline

300 m

Width of shallow water zone

100 - 110 m

Lakeshore revitalization



Planungsgemeinschaft Erlenwäldli (Iseli & Bösiger, Biel; Sigmaplan AG, Bern; H.P. Pieri, Biel; Dr. Mathys & Wysseier, Biel)

Reserves and land use

- Nature reserve
- Leisure and recreation activities

Years of survey

2002 - 2005

Protective measures

- Armor layer of gravel
- Breakwater serving as reed protection

Methodologies of survey

- Bathymetry
- Sedimentanalysis
- Wind and waves

Post survey

Not done yet

Description of the site

The lakeshore of the recreation area "Ipsach Erlenwäldli" has been upgraded ecologically in 2001 as a compensatory measure for the enlargement of the small boat harbour in Biel.

Since the revitalization the region is divided into a nature protection zone and a recreation area.

In the western recreation area the blockstone bank protection was removed and substituted with shallow armour layers of gravel, building two bays limited by block groynes.

In the nature protection zone (eastern area) the durably constructed lakeshores were removed and the seaward, shore-parallel breakwater with a length of 100 m was reinforced up to a height of 429.70 meters above sea-level. This height corresponds to the flood level of Lake Bienne. A block groyne (in the western part of the nature protection zone) and a pile groyne (in the eastern part) complete on the one hand the nature protection zone and protect at the same time the reed stand and the reed plantations against driftwood, flood debris and wash of the waves.

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